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Man in wheelchair rolls off platform and onto Metro tracks

Surveillance video footage shows a man in a wheelchair rolling off the platform at Metro’s U Street Station on Tuesday afternoon. Two bystanders rush in to rescue him. (Video: WMATA)
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A man in a wheelchair rolled off the platform and onto the tracks at the U Street Metro station Tuesday afternoon, and was rescued by two brave bystanders.

Surveillance footage showed two people jumping onto the tracks to lift the man and his wheelchair back onto the platform.

Metro spokesman Mike Tolbert said that the man who had fallen had a bloody mouth, but no other visible injuries. He was taken to a hospital. Tolbert did not know why the man’s wheelchair had rolled off the platform.

The nearest train was three stops away when the two bystanders jumped onto the track, Tolbert said.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said the man who fell, “was not in imminent danger of being struck by a train.” The greater danger, Stessel said, came from the third rail, which was activated when the bystanders jumped down to rescue him. Neither was injured.

Stessel said that a station manager notified train operators of the incident within moments, but the rescue happened so fast that it did not require any trains to stop.

None of the individuals involved have been identified.