U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx rides a Silver Line Metro train with WMATA’s Interim General Manager Jack Requa (left) and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) right on their way to a May 8, 2015 event at the Wiehle Avenue Metro station. (Lori Aratani — The Washington Post)

He’s already been to 43 states since becoming the U.S. Secretary of Transportation but this week is Infrastructure Week, which means Anthony Foxx is yes, on the road again making the case that the nation’s crumbling infrastructure could use a massive cash infusion.

With a May 31 deadline for passing a long-term transportation funding bill looming, most folks believe Congress will again settle for an extension — the 33rd time in six years that it has failed to approve a long-term funding bill.

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But Foxx isn’t giving up. He’ll be pushing the Obama administration’s Grow America Act, a proposal to invest $478 billion over six years in funding to modernize the nation’s transportation infrastructure with stops in Knoxville, Silicon Valley (where he’ll visit a company that makes driverless cars), Los Angeles and Des Moines.

As for Congress and its penchant for putting things off, the secretary had this to say during an during an appearance in Reston last week with Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.): “An extension only prolongs the pain. It just creates uncertainty.”

Of course this week’s trip reminds us of the oh-so-amusing Onion piece that featured a priceless photo of Foxx deeply concerned about a world where no one traveled anymore. With stops in six cities including D.C. this week, the secretary is doing his best to practice what he preaches — hit the road people, hit the road.

Below is an interactive map of Foxx’s scheduled stops this week.