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Four trains offloaded in a span of 16 minutes on the Red Line

Updated at 6:48 p.m.

Numerous trains have gone out of service in quick succession on the Red Line, causing a very crowded Monday evening commute for riders.

Metro’s tweets chronicle a string of Red Line problems starting just before 4 p.m., when a train stopped working at Twinbrook and had to be taken off the tracks.

Then a train at Union Station had a problem with its door at 5:20, causing the delays to get worse.

Ten minutes later, another train had a door problem, this one at Farragut North. All passengers were told to exit the train.

And about 10 minutes after that, passengers of a second train were told to exit onto the platform at Farragut North as well. This train had a brake problem.

Just one minute later, passengers were booted off a train one stop away, at Dupont Circle, because it needed service.

And five minutes later, yet another train offloaded, this one at Metro Center.

Trains were single-tracking between Judiciary Square and Farragut North, a four-station stretch in the busy heart of downtown D.C., but are now running on both tracks.

Still, riders should expect some very crowded stations.