A snake was spotted at the Naylor Road station on Metro’s Green Line. It caused no delays. (Courtesy of Metro)

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The snake found Tuesday morning at the Naylor Road stop of Metro’s Green Line measured about five-feet-long, according to animal control officers from Prince George’s County. Officials also said it was a black snake that is not poisonous.

Rodney Taylor, chief of the animal control division, said his officers believe the snake had gotten into the open station to get to a bird — or the eggs in a nest — that are often found in the rafters of some Metro stations.

The snake, Taylor said, likely fell down onto the platform from the rafters.

Animal control officers used tongs and a bag to capture the snake and released it into a nearby wooded area.

How often does Taylor’s office get calls about snakes on the Metro system? Taylor, who has been in the animal control services department for 33 years, laughed and said, “it’s very rare.”

“Maybe we get one every three or four years.”

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A snake was spotted Tuesday morning eating its “breakfast” — a bird — at the Naylor Road stop on Metro’s Green Line. The reptile caused no delays to Metro’s operations.

Authorities at Metro said they had no reason to believe it was venomous, and “at no time was the snake a threat to Metro riders,” according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

Stessel said a station manager at the stop cordoned off the area where the snake was spotted. The snake was quickly captured, Stessel said, “using a trash can.”

In an e-mail he said, “charges for fare evasion are pending.” It was not immediately known how the snake got into the station, according to Stessel.

Metro trains have incidents — at times — of hitting deer that jump onto the tracks. And plenty of riders see rodents in the rail system. But snakes — at least ones that are seen — aren’t quite as common.

Arnebya Herndon, 41, was one of the first people on social media to take a picture and post seeing the snake Tuesday. She said she was doing her usual commute from her home in Southeast Washington to the Naylor Road stop to get to her job as a technical writer at the Transportation Department near the Washington Navy Yard, when she saw a small group of people gathering around an area inside the station.

When she approached, she saw the snake — which said appeared to be about 2½-feet long and black in color.

“The snake wasn’t interested in people because it was eating a bird,” she said after arriving at her office. “It wasn’t aggressive.”

Herndon said Metro employees had “already put a little rail around it” and things seemed to be under control as a person who she believed was with animal control was arriving on the scene just as her train approached. Herndon said she wasn’t alarmed at seeing a snake at the station.

“Maybe if it had been slithering across” the platform, she said, “but it was pretty contained.”

“It was just something different to see first thing in the morning.”

Metro officials said the snake was removed from the station by officials with Prince George’s Animal Control. It was not immediately known where the snake was released.

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Not your typical Metro issue Tuesday morning when a rider spotted a snake at the Naylor Road stop on the Green Line. (Yes, a snake!)

The snake spotting was first reported by Unsuck DC Metro. On Twitter, Arnebya Herndon posted this —

Dan Stessel, a Metro spokesman, said the snake did not cause any delays on the rail line and no one was injured. It was unclear how the snake had gotten into the station.

“We understand that the snake is currently  having breakfast. A bird,” he wrote in an e-mail. “It’s the circle of life.”

Stessel also said animal control is en route.

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Normal service is back on the Red Line of Metro.

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Riders on Metro’s Red Line should expect delays Tuesday.

There was an earlier malfunction of a train at the Tenleytown stop.

It was not immediately clear how long the delays would last.