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Dulles Airport cell phone lot to relocate beginning Tuesday

The cell phone lot at Dulles International Airport moves to a new location Tuesday, as the old lot is closed to make room for Silver Line construction.

New signs will direct drivers to the lot near the intersection of Rudder Road and Autopilot Drive, across the street from the airport’s gas station, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said in a news release.

The new lot provides about 200 spaces and faster access to the terminal, MWAA says, as airport customers will now be able to access the terminal by simply making a right onto Rudder Road.

The old lot sits on the south side of Rudder Road, also near the intersection with Autopilot Drive. It occupied a “smaller footprint,” said MWAA spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs, though she could not immediately specify how many additional spaces the new lot would provide.

The previous location is closing to allow for the construction of aerial guideways for the Silver Line. A Metro station is expected to serve the airport beginning with Phase 2 of the Silver Line, now estimated to begin operation in 2020.

The cell phone lot allows customers to wait in their cars for free for up to an hour when picking passengers up at the airport terminal, whom they can call upon their arrival. It is meant to reduce congestion at the terminal, where no curbside parking is allowed.