National Airport. (Paul J. Richards/AFP)

In what’s become an all-too-common occurrence, a passenger was detained at a Washington area airport Saturday after a firearm was detected in his carry-on luggage, the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.

This time it was a Prince William County man who was stopped as he attempted to carry a loaded gun onto a flight bound for Denver from Reagan National Airport, the TSA said.

The man, who was identified by airport authorities as Michael Crean, 45, of Woodbridge, was stopped after an X-ray machine detected the loaded weapon inside a piece of luggage he intended to carry on the plane. The TSA contacted the Airports Authority Police Department, who confiscated the gun and cited the man on state charges.

The TSA said the gun was the seventh detected by its officers at National so far this year. The agency intercepted 14 at that airport last year. Passengers who carry firearms to TSA checkpoints may face criminal charges and civil penalties  of up to $11,000.