We’re guessing most of the traffic cones have been put away,  but we couldn’t resist posting this pope-related tidbit — a reminder of all the behind-the-scenes work and infrastructure that goes into making an event like Pope Francis’ visit come together, courtesy of the New York City Police Department.

24,500: The number of barriers that were deployed. Of that 14,000 are owned by the department (talk about storage issues!)
37: The number of barriers translated into miles
1,200: The number of traffic cones used for the visit
43: The number of sand trucks that were utilized as part of the Central Park security plan
409: The pieces of concrete block used city-wide. (Bonus fact: Each weighs 3,900 pounds for a total of 818 tons)
39: The approximate number of hours Pope Francis spent in New York (actually, 39 hours, 40 minutes to be exact)
54: The number of miles he covered while on the ground in New York
4,270: The number of miles away from home the pope was when he landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport
220: Between the pope’s visit and the United Nations General Assembly meetings, the number of motorcades in the city