Good thing the authorities slapped charges on a Texas guy who allegedly swerved on purpose toward a motorcycle that was trying to pass him.

The car sideswiped the bike, the bike went off the road, and its two riders tumbled wallets over elbows. They’re lucky to be alive.

The response of the car’s driver – captured on video by a fellow motorcycle rider – was, “I don’t care.”

William Sam Crum might care now. Crum, 68, faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his part in Saturday’s collision, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The video went viral. The arrest came down late Monday. It should be a lesson to anyone that road rage is dangerous, particularly in uneven clashes between cars and motorcycles.

A complaint filed by Trooper Robert Bradshaw says Crum intentionally swerved his 1996 Mercury sedan into the motorcycle as it was attempting to get by him on Tin Top Highway near Granbury, The Star-Telegram reports.

In jailhouse interviews with local media, Crum said he momentarily lost control of the vehicle when an insect bit him.


The paper also dug up Crum’s criminal history – including a conviction for “assault-family violence” — which suggests this might not be the first time Crum has had trouble controlling his temper.

As someone who’s been around dirt bikes since I was a kid – and has  owned two motorcycles built for the road – it’s hard to imagine anything scarier.

That’s because the video confirms what many bikers suspect: some drivers not only fail to see motorcycles, they downright dislike them, especially when they believe motorcyclists are pushing or breaking the rules. Some drivers even seem get their jollies using an enclosed, 4,000-pound hunk of metal to intimidate someone cruising along in the open on a contraption that weighs a little more than a 10th of that.

Now it’s true bikers also do dumb, outrageous things. I once saw a guy hit a wheelie with a sport bike on Route 270 southbound near Gaithersburg. He must have been doing at least 70 mph when he stood it up in the middle of dense traffic. I would have applauded if a Maryland state trooper had caught him and thrown the book at him. It’s one thing to have a death wish, after all, but another thing altogether to endanger people who don’t.

But motorcycles seem to annoy some people when they – or bicycle riders – do things such as split lanes (i.e. thread between cars in adjoining lanes, which is legal in some states) or slow traffic by taking up an entire lane.

Eric E. Sanders, who was driving the Kawasaki sport bike in the Texas incident, tried to pass Crum against a double yellow line when Crum hit him, the newspaper says, citing the complaint.

“Based on my observation of the collision, it appeared the defendant purposely drove his vehicle into the northbound lane” that Sanders was also traveling in, the complaint reportedly says.

Sanders, 37, needed stitches on his arm and body. His girlfriend, Debra Simpson, 38, had to be flown to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth because of a compound arm fracture that temporarily put her in intensive care.

Sanders was cited for illegally passing another vehicle and driving with an invalid license. So he’s not only lucky, but foolishly lucky. But it doesn’t give someone in a car the license to try to kill him.