A D.C. snow plow that became stuck on a Chevy Chase street. (Photo courtesy of Page Kennedy.)

Christmas in January, courtesy of Snowzilla?

A massive snowplow sat abandoned on a Chevy Chase street for so long over the weekend that it became a glimmering neighborhood fixture, festooned with holiday lights.

Page Kennedy, a D.C. area attorney, said the snow plow came trundling down 33rd Street NW around 6 p.m. Saturday and nearly clipped her Lexus SUV.

The driver, concerned that he could not maneuver the truck up the street without bumping into cars, apparently bailed on foot. The truck was still blocking the street the next day, even after residents had consulted city officials. Neighbors teamed up to dig out the cars in its path, and reported to city officials that the truck was basically ready to move.

Twenty-four hours after the driver ditched, the truck remained in the road.

“We thought maybe it was going to become a permanent fixture in the neighborhood so we decided to decorate it,” Kennedy said.

Every time Aura Kanegis looked out the window over the weekend, the truck was still in the road. Kanegis, 41, said it was frustrating to have the road blocked. But the decorated piece of machinery was a hit with her kids, 4 and 7. Her 7-year-old, Kai, said it was “like having a Christmas tree all over again.”

The office of Mayor Muriel E. Bowser told the Post’s Moriah Balingit on Sunday that it was working to get a tow truck to pull the massive plow off the street, but it was not clear when that would happen.

The time apparently came early Monday morning. When Kanegis and her children awoke Monday, the Christmas truck was gone.

“It really made what would have been sort of a grumbling situation into a festive neighborhood,” Kanegis said. “We kind of miss the truck. Especially since they still haven’t plowed the road.”

A tow truck came to move the vehicle overnight, residents said, at least 30 hours after it initially became stuck.

Neither the District Department of Transportation nor the Department of Public Works immediately responded to requests for additional information. It was unclear which agency was responsible for the truck, and whether it was a city or contracted vehicle.

We will update if we hear back.