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Metro will suspend bus service at 10 p.m. Monday because of the weather conditions, the transit agency said.

Transit officials had warned earlier Monday that service changes were likely as roads deteriorated throughout the day. Metrobus ran all day on a “severe” snow plan, servicing only 79 routes along major roadways across the region.

Metro said ridership was light all day and it expects suspending all service at 10 p.m. will only impact a small number of riders.

Buses that are scheduled to start a route at or before 10 p.m. will operate to the end of the route before coming out of service. Buses scheduled to start a new trip after 10 p.m. will not operate.

If you need to travel after 10 p.m., you can still use Metrorail. Metro trains continue to run on a Saturday schedule on all lines, with trains every 12 minutes. The system will close at midnight.

Earlier Monday, the D.C. Circulator suspended service at 6 p.m. because of the severe weather and icy roadways, and Alexandria’s bus and trolley systems suspended operations at 3 p.m.

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The snow is transitioning to sleet and freezing rain just on time for the evening commute Monday. If you are one of the few people working, here’s what you need to know about your transit options this evening.

Metro trains continue to run on a Saturday schedule, and buses are serving a number of major routes, with some detours and delays due to the road conditions.

The D.C. Circulator is ending service at 6 p.m. because of the severe weather and icy roadways.  Alexandria’s bus and trolley systems suspended operations at 3 p.m.

Metro Spokeswoman Sherri Ly said the weather hasn’t significantly disrupted rail service, which can operate normally after as much as six inches of snow. Metrorail is operating on a Saturday schedule on all lines, with trains every 12 minutes. The system will close at midnight. Metrobus is operating on a “severe snow plan,” meaning that buses are servicing

only. If you are out, be prepared to wait longer at the bus stop. The transit agency is continuing to monitor winter weather conditions throughout the region, Ly said.  Officials say there may be detours and delays through the system’s closing. Changes are possible if road conditions deteriorate, officials said.

Road conditions earlier Monday led to changes in several routes including the No. 52 and No. 54 on 14th Street.  Service was reduced to run only between Colorado Street and downtown.