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Three Woodbridge, Va., men were arrested Saturday night after allegedly attacking an Uber driver in Arlington County, police said Monday.

Arlington Police said one suspect punched out the window of an SUV before another threw a beer bottle in the driver’s face.

Justin Allen Norconk, 26, Lance Daniel Ingram, 25, and Jeffery Eugene Rowe Jr., 26, were being held without bond. Norconk was charged with malicious wounding and assault by mob. Ingram was charged with assault by mob. Rowe was charged with destruction of property.

Arlington Police spokeswoman Ashley Savage said an Uber driver had picked up six passengers shortly before 10:55 p.m. Saturday. At one point, the driver smelled alcohol and asked the passengers not to drink in the vehicle, she said. An argument ensued and the driver pulled over to terminate the fare in the 500 block of South Washington Boulevard, near the entrance ramp to Southbound Interstate 395.


All six passengers got out of the car, she said. While three of them left the scene, three others remained in the vicinity. Savage said a passenger remembered leaving something in the vehicle, so he approached the SUV.

That’s when, she said, one of the men punched out the back passenger window. The three men entered the SUV and one of them threw a beer bottle at the driver’s face, causing a cut, Savage said.

At one point, Savage said, the men tried to remove the keys from the SUV.

After a brief struggle, suspects fled. Police spotted a cab with occupants matching the description of the suspects and arrested them.

Savage said the rider who requested the Uber did not know the men involved in the attack.


Uber said Monday the accounts of two customers who requested and split the ride were immediately deactivated and will remain unusable while an investigation takes place. The company also released a brief statement.

“Uber expects everyone in our community to treat each other with respect and common courtesy, and we have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of harassment and abuse,” a company spokeswoman said. “We’ve been in touch with the driver-partner and stand ready to assist the authorities with their investigation.”