A incident involving a passenger and a bag at L’Enfant Plaza caused delays to Blue, Orange and Silver line service Friday morning, Metro officials said.

NBC 4 reported that a man was getting off a train when his arm and bag got caught in a door as the train began to move. The victim, who the television station did not identify, said other passengers yelled for the conductor to stop the train but that the train began to move. The man said was able to get his arm out of the door, but not before he was dragged along the platform briefly.

Metro officials, however, offered a different explanation, emphasizing that the man was not “dragged.”

According to an emailed statement from spokeswoman Sherri Ly, the man rode down the escalator and then attempted to board the train as the doors were closing, and then appeared to throw a small bag or backpack through the train doors. She said it appeared that the bag got caught between the doors and the man traveled ” … on the exterior of the train for approximately two car lengths before dislodging.” Ly said he was standing “on the lip” of the door area. Metro’s account was based on witness statements and a review of available camera footage, which they declined to make available.

The man was taken to a hospital for observation, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening.

An investigation that will include checks to ensure that all equipment was working as intended and all procedures were followed is underway, Ly said.