An man works his phone as he drives through traffic in Dallas in 2013 as Texas lawmakers considered a statewide ban on texting while driving. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

For anyone worried about the dangers of driving-while-texting, consider this: Some motorists are taking photos and posting them on Twitter or Instagram, presumably all while navigating traffic. They even have a hashtag: #whiledriving.

Think photos of a pretty sunset – with the hood of a car in the foreground.

A new study by Erie Insurance that analyzed the #whiledriving hashtag calls attention to the dangers of driving while “double-distracted.” The study found that the top photo subjects included clouds, sunsets, the sky, the sun, and, of course, selfies. Erie said it analyzed the hashtag in 937 posts over 90 days.

Male drivers apparently like to snap-and-share more often, with 55 percent of the posts coming from men.

Of course, just because someone used the hashtag #whiledriving doesn’t prove the person both took the photo and posted it while actively behind the wheel.

But Jennifer Bahun, a spokeswoman on the study, said researchers believe their data “strongly suggests” the photos were taken while behind the wheel. Erie, she said, looked only at posts from mobile devices, such as iPads and cell phones, and most of the posts were original, rather than retweets. She said those factors, along with the #whiledriving hashtag, led to the conclusion that the photos were taken and posted, yes, while driving.