It’s campaign season and the Virginia Department of Transportation’s “Pothole Hunter” is kicking off a campaign to “attack potholes” on the state’s roadways.

Because you, my fellow Virginians, have a “right to a smooth rideeee”

This new video features the agency’s so-called Pothole Hunter at a campaign rally where he urges you–road users– to report those grooves and gaps in the road.

“There will always be bumps on the road of life, but those bumps should not cause us to spill hot coffee in our laps,” Pothole Hunter Phil Itkwik, tells his audience.

“Do we want our roads to look like Belgian waffles?” he asks and the crowd answers with a Nooooo.  “No. I want your roads to be smooth as hot butter pancakes.”

Humor aside, the point is, VDOT said, that if you see a pothole, you should report it.

VDOT Commissioner Charles Kilpatrick said the pothole hunter character is just a humorous way to bring awareness to how to report potholes in Virginia.

“Because potholes present a safety issue for motorists, VDOT crews are focused on repairing potholes as quickly as possible,” he said “We appreciate the public’s assistance in the hunt for potholes as Phil Itkwik and our crews continue to do a great job tackling these roadway hazards.”

So listen to the Pothole Hunter: If you see a pothole, call 800-FOR ROAD (800-367-7623) or click here, then click on “Report a Road Problem” in the top right corner of the website.

Plus remember those potholes are costing you a lot of money.  In the past five years alone, motorists have paid $15 billion to make pothole-related fixes to their vehicles, according data from AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Crews across the region are out attacking pothole season. Last Friday, the District kick-off the city’s 8th annual Potholepalooza. During the campaign, crews focus on repairing potholes and damaged roadways, and repairing reported potholes in 72 hours. You can report them by calling the mayor’s call center at 311 or click here to report them online.

So don’t be afraid. Call them in.