Beginning Monday, Maryland will begin issuing new driver’s licenses and ID cards designed to be more secure against counterfeiting and identity theft, officials said.

Maryland residents applying for new ID cards or learner’s permits or who renew their driver’s licenses via the web, a kiosk or by mail will get the new cards starting June 20. Everyone else, including people applying for a new driver’s license, will get the new cards starting July 11, according to the Motor Vehicle Administration.

No more walking out of the MVA office with a shiny new license. All new cards will be mailed to applicants’ homes within seven to 10 days, officials said. That helps the state verify applicants’ addresses and confirm that they live in Maryland, an MVA spokesman said.

Residents with a valid Maryland license or ID don’t have to do anything until it’s time to renew.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn called the new cards “the most secure license and ID in the nation, with cutting-edge security features that will safeguard … personal information.”

The cards are made of a stronger material to be more durable and tamper-resistant and will have laser engraving to protect against forger, officials said. Raised print will make text more difficult to tamper with, and each card will have a unique number and barcode to verify that it was issued to that card holder, officials said. Veterans also can have the word “veteran” appear on the front of their card as a “long overdue recognition” of their service, officials said.