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New slugline offers rides from the Franconia-Springfield Metro station to L’Enfant Plaza

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In these parts, commuters call it the “original ridesharing” system.

Slugging, an informal system whereby folks queue and wait to be picked up by a driver headed their way has been around for decades. And now it’s gaining new prominence as commuters scramble for ways around station closures and delays associated with Metro’s massive rebuilding program, SafeTrack.

Metro’s third Safe Track project will uses buses instead of trains for those headed to National Airport

With the next surge of Metro work set to shutdown the National Airport station for two weeks, the man behind Sluglines, a free app that helps match passengers with drivers, has announced the launch of a new slugline that will take riders from the Kiss and Ride lot at the Franconia-Springfield Metro station into L’Enfant Plaza.

Looking for an alternative to Metro during Safe Track? Consider slugging.

The line will operate 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday from the Franconia-Springfield Metro Kiss & Ride to L’Enfant Plaza Metro. Return lines in the afternoon will run from 4 to 5 p.m. picking up from L’Enfant and returning to the Franconia-Springfield Metro Kiss & Ride area.

“Slugging does not cost riders a dime, and gets drivers a free pass on the I-395 HOT and HOV lanes,” said Kalai Kandasamy, the man behind in a news release announcing the SafeTrack alternative. “Besides, the nation’s “original ride-sharing” system will save money on gas, parking fees, more frequent vehicle maintenance, public transportation costs, and time – simply by participating.