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Here’s a look at how many Uber and Lyft drivers have registered with state of Virginia

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For years, taxi drivers in Virginia have been complaining about the ride-sharing apps that have cut into their business. Finally, a year after Uber and Lyft drivers were allowed to operate legally in the commonwealth, the state has some evidence of what’s going on.

Since June 2015, more than 117,000 drivers for Uber and Lyft registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to provide rides in the state, said Brandy Brubaker, a spokeswoman for the department. The numbers below indicate where the vehicles are “garaged,” she said, although there’s nothing to prevent a Fairfax driver from going into Alexandria, for example, or a D.C. driver (classified as “out of state”) from operating only in Loudoun.

Fairfax County, Virginia’s most populous jurisdiction, is home to 12,191 Uber or Lyft vehicles, followed by Alexandria and Arlington drivers.

Here’s how the numbers break down for Northern Virginia

Arlington, 2,559
Alexandria, 3,273
Fairfax City, 566
Fairfax County, 12,191
Loudoun, 3,346
Whole state, 56,727
Out of state, 60,872