Federal inspectors monitoring Metro’s first two SafeTrack surges found a slew of problems with the maintenance work being performed — including violations of roadway worker protection rules, inconsistencies in following track maintenance standards, and a lack of procedures to ensure metal debris is not placed near the electrified third rail.

In total, Federal Transit Administration staff identified a total of 109 defects, and directed Metro to perform 88 remedial actions – 34 of which have not been marked as completed yet.

The numbers were posted on the FTA’s latest update about its efforts to provide safety oversight for Metro during the months-long maintenance push.

The FTA has been posting data online outlining the deficiencies and problems it’s detected in the course of conducting more than 200 inspections since taking over safety management of the system nine months ago. In June, the agency reported that FTA inspectors were denied access to Metro trains and rail Operations Control Center at least 15 times since October.

But now, they say, General Manager Paul Wiedefeld has cracked down once he was alerted of the problem.

“FTA brought this issue to the attention of the WMATA General Manager and such incidents have been significantly reduced,” the FTA update said.