Metro has fired its second train operator in a month for running a red signal.

In a memo to employees, Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said an investigation by the transit agency’s Safety Department determined that the incident, which occurred July 27 at the National Airport station, was the operator’s fault.

“For reasons related to the individual’s personnel history, the operator’s employment has been terminated,” Wiedefeld wrote.

The transit agency said a southbound Blue Line train was leaving the station when it was stopped with two of six cars past the platform. The train operator was removed from duty, as is standard in safety investigations, and passengers were offloaded.

As a result of the overrun, the transit agency was forced to single-track around the area for nearly an hour.

The incident occurred just three weeks after a Red Line operator ran a red signal, continued through a switch, passed two track workers and moved into the path of an oncoming train. That operator also was fired.

There were no injuries, but in both instances, the trains were carrying passengers. According to Patrick Lavin, Metro’s chief safety officer, there have been 10 red-signal violations this year.

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