The Rhode Island Avenue Metro station will remain closed through at least the end of the day Friday, officials said late Thursday, after falling debris shut down the station two nights in a row.

Metro said the closure will allow for additional inspections following the two incidents.

Metro had said earlier in the day that weathered bolts caused a chunk of the ceiling to fall to the ground at the station Wednesday night, closing it until Thursday morning.

Metro said the defective component was a metal bracket used to fill a 6-inch gap between a platform beam and the escalator support frame.

“This bracket does not serve as a primary structural support,” Metro spokesman Richard L. Jordan said.


Metro said the bolts had deteriorated due to a combination of weather and the deicing salts used on the platforms. Thursday morning, Metro personnel reinforced the only similar bracket in the station, and structural engineers inspected it, Jordan said.


But shortly after that announcement, there were reports of more chunks falling during the Thursday afternoon rush. Trains bypassed the station and speed restrictions were instituted before officials eventually closed the station.

Metro said the issue, reported about 5:15 p.m., occurred 20 feet from where a metal bracket fell Wednesday night, closing the station.

The agency says it conducts station inspections regularly, with station managers keeping an eye on stations, platforms and tracks. The agency conducts full inspections of its 91 stations annually.

Riders traveling to or from Rhode Island Avenue on Friday should allow additional travel time or seek alternate transportation. Red Line trains will bypass the station and Metro said free shuttle bus service will be provided between Rhode Island Avenue and Brookland stations.