Add this to the list of things you definitely shouldn’t do at the airport: stage a sit-in on the runway when you miss your boarding call.

The South China Morning Post reports that a Chinese couple arrived 20 minutes late for their flight to Shanghai over the weekend. But rather than re-book, they reportedly pushed past several airline employees and then sat on the runway to prevent the plane from taking off. The couple apparently stood beneath the plane with their suitcases to prevent it from leaving.

A photo tweeted by the newspaper shows a woman crouched beneath a large jet.

The paper reports that one witness told the Beijing Youth Daily: “When two police officers tried to approach the woman she became really emotional and started crying and waving her arms.”

The Air China flight eventually did take off after a 20-minute delay, but the couple was most definitely not aboard.

Instead, they were placed in “administrative detention” for five days by airport police. The Beijing Youth Daily reported that the couple arrived late at the boarding gate for “personal reasons.”