Motorists convicted of drunken driving in Maryland will have to look into the face of Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta every time they blow into the Breathalyzer of their vehicle’s mandated ignition interlock device.

Beginning Saturday, a sticker the size of a postage stamp will be attached to every ignition interlock Breathalyzer in the state to remind motorists of the 24-year-old officer who was killed Dec. 3 when a drunk driver hit him after he had pulled over another vehicle as part of a holiday DUI task force.

The sticker will coincide with the Oct. 1 effective date of Noah’s Law, which expands ignition interlock device requirements for drunk drivers and significantly increases driver’s license suspension periods.

“It will serve as a reminder that Noah is still on patrol,” said Bill Bronrott, a former Maryland delegate who joined in the push for Noah’s Law.

Offenders who see the officer’s face, Bronrott said, “will be reminded of what’s at stake.”

Bronrott said the Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers came up with the sticker idea and paid for them. The group has printed 10,000 so far and has said it will continue to do so, Bronrott said.

“When they’re gone, they’ll print more — whatever it takes to keep Noah’s face out there,” he said.