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Snakes on a plane — for real

Passengers found a live snake during an Aeroméxico flight between between Torreón and Mexico City on Nov. 6. (Video: Indalecio Medina)
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In a scene reminiscent of a certain Hollywood action flick, a snake dropped into the cabin of a plane flying over Mexico on Sunday, unnerving passengers and forcing the aircraft to make a make a quick landing.

It happened on an Aeromexico flight from Torreon, Mexico, in the northern part of the country, to Mexico City. Once the snake was detected, the plane was given priority landing in Mexico City, according to a statement from the airline.

Footage posted to social media shows the serpent curling up against a luggage compartment, before flinging its body down toward the seats as passengers observe, seeming oddly subdued in the circumstances. The snake appeared to be a venomous green viper, some outlets reported, but that could not be confirmed.

Watch the video. A few seconds in, as the reptile springs down from the compartment, you’ll about have had it with this (you know) snake on this (you know) plane.

Aeromexico says workers “secured the reptile” in Mexico City. Still, the airline is investigating how the snake ended up inside the plane.

“The procedures carried out for this flight are currently being evaluated to determine how the animal entered the cabin and measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future,” the Airline said.

Samuel L. Jackson from 2006’s “Snakes on a Plane.”


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