Haven’t quite figured out your Election Day transportation? Ride-hailing and carsharing services say they’ve got your back. Zipcar and Lyft are offering big promotions to encourage you to get out and vote Tuesday.

Zipcar will make more than 7,000 vehicles free in all of its U.S. cities on election night, the company said. That includes nearly 800 vehicles in D.C. — which will be available for no hourly reservation fee — normally around $7 to $8 — from 6 to 10 p.m. Users can reserve a free set of wheels for that timeslot on the company’s website here. ( Taxes and fees still apply).

“Regardless of political affiliation or sentiment, we believe that voting is a civic duty, and we want to ensure that access to transportation isn’t a barrier to casting a ballot,” Andrew Daley, vice president of marketing for Zipcar, said in a statement.

Lyft, meanwhile, will offer rides at 45 percent off to commemorate the election of the 45th president.  D.C. passengers can take one discounted ride between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday.

D.C. Lyft users can claim the discount through a Sunday night “Deal of the Week” email that will look like this:

Lyft says a limited number of discounts are available, so users should act fast. And the discount maxes out at $10, so longer trips won’t be fully covered.

New Lyft users can also claim $5 off their first 10 rides using the promotional code “NOVEMBER8TH”, the company says.

Uber isn’t offering any deals on rides but it is teaming up with Google to save harried voters a few minutes by helping them find their polling place.

On Tuesday, riders across the country will be prompted with a screen reminding them it’s election day and an option to find their polling place. They can hail a ride to the polls — paying the full fare, however.

“Given the important decision people around the country will make on November 8th, we wanted to make getting to and from your polling place easier than ever,” the company said in a statement on its website.

New users can also use the promotional code “VOTETODAY” to get $20 off their first ride, Uber said.

An earlier version of this post said D.C. Lyft users could take a free ride Tuesday. Lyft is offering discounted rides, not free ones.