Delta Flight 2565 had barely gotten off the ground before things kicked up in the aisle.

The flight crew started complaining about two passengers ignoring instructions — a couple in their mid-30s.

“Aggressive,” a Delta spokesman later wrote in a statement describing the couple’s behavior.

Blake Fleisig, a vice president with Citigroup, and his companion, Anna Koosmann, weren’t any more popular with the other passengers on the Southern California-bound flight from Minneapolis.

One, Patrick Whalen, told the Star Tribune that Koosmann had been trying to use the bathroom — ignoring first a flight attendant, then the captain’s order over the intercom: “If you don’t sit down, we’re going to turn this flight around.”

Whalen took to Facebook after the pilot made good on his threat.

“Over a million miles on Delta and this is a first, fight on a plane,” he wrote Wednesday night. “Just turned around and back to Minneapolis. Thanks. . . .”

Whalen signed off his Facebook post with an expletive.

He heard a few more when the plane was back on the ground.

Passengers clapped, cheered and snickered as at least four police officers boarded, retrieved Fleisig and Koosmann and led them down the aisle.

But the layover would continue. One of the two made a break for it, darting back down the aisle in a brief second before the police piled on.

“Stay down!” an officer yelled, in a scene captured on video.

“Shut up!” a woman screamed.

“Just let them get off the plane,” someone groaned from first class, while others held phones aloft to record the couple’s comeuppance.

As seen on video, Koosmann was finally led out, cursing: “For what? For what!?”

More clapping followed her exit.

Koosmann was jailed on a charge of disorderly conduct, airport officials said.

Fleisig, whose LinkedIn page lists him as vice president over internal audits and finance for Citigroup, picked up a disorderly charge, too — for “brawling or fighting.” Authorities haven’t said what exactly the couple did to ground Flight 2565.

A lawyer, Alex Spiro, emailed a statement on behalf of the couple to The Washington Post after they left jail.

“We deny the charges,” it read. “This was a misunderstanding and we will answer the allegations in court.”

A spokesman for Citigroup declined to comment on the arrest.

This post, originally published Dec. 29, has been updated.