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You can bring your cell phone for photos on Inauguration Day, but leave the drone at home.

A drone operated captures videos and still images of an apartment building in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Bring your  cameras and smartphones to shoot all the photos and video you want on Inauguration Day, but leave the drone at home.

The District and surrounding areas are a no-drone zone, the Federal Aviation Administration is reminding people.

The FAA’s prohibition against flying drones covers any area within a 15-mile radius of Reagan National Airport, which sits just across the Potomac River.

The U.S. Secret Service, which is overseeing the inauguration security, warns that No Drone Zone violators can face hefty fines: up to $1,414 for individuals and $32,140 for companies.  In addition, the agency said “launching, landing or operating unmanned aircrafts” are also prohibited on National Park Service land. The fines for violating that law are: $85 in D.C., $55 in Maryland, and $100 in Virginia.

“Violators will have all equipment confiscated as evidence – this may include personal electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, etc,” the Secret Service said.

The FAA also points out that airspace in and around the District is the most restricted flight zone in the country. Since the 9/11 attacks, use of the “national defense airspace” has been restricted to those who have been cleared to operate by the FAA and the Transportation Security Administration.