SafeTrack returns to the Orange Line with a month-long shutdown from New Carrollton to Stadium-Armory. Last year, repairs affected a segment of the line between the West Falls Church and the East Falls Church Metro stations. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

The next SafeTrack surge, involving a month-long shutdown of the eastern end of the Orange Line between New Carrollton and Stadium-Armory, starts Tuesday.

In addition to five stations — New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood and Minnesota Avenue — being closed, trains will run less frequently, which means station platforms and trains will be more crowded.

The Silver Line, which shares track with the Orange and Blue lines in the District, will run only between Wiehle-Reston East and Stadium-Armory.

This is the second-to-last surge in the year-long SafeTrack program, and we know you’ve endured a lot of travel challenges over the past year. We’ll help you explore your options and plan ahead to make Surge No. 15 as painless as possible.

Following you will find a list of alternatives that include bus, commuter rail, bike, rideshare and more. But first, here is what we know about this surge:

  • New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood and Minnesota Avenue stations will be closed from Tuesday through June 15. This will allow for crews to do continuous track work between New Carrollton and Stadium-Armory.
  • Orange Line trains will operate near normal service — every six to eight minutes — between Vienna and Largo Town Center, following the Blue Line route.
  • Silver Line trains will run between Wiehle-Reston East and Stadium Armory only, approximately every 12 minutes.

Orange Line riders traveling from Prince George’s County to downtown D.C. or vice versa will suffer the most from this closure, since they have to find a way around the shutdown. But the effect will extend beyond the east side of the line. Less frequent trains (Silver Line) in the corridor translates to crowded platforms and rail cars, especially downtown. And more riders will use the Blue and Green lines as alternatives, so keep that in mind if you use those lines.

Metro alternatives

The obvious option to get to downtown for Maryland travelers on the east side of the line is to switch to Metro’s Green and Blue lines.

If you prefer to make the trip on the Orange Line, Metro will have shuttle service between New Carrollton and Stadium-Armory. But you should know that the bus bridge will be “extremely limited” and will run every 30 minutes. You should expect long lines, crowds and delays if you go that route, especially during rush hours. The bus bridge is a better alternative outside the peak travel hours.

Metro will provide express shuttle service to connect to the Blue Line. For example, passengers at New Carrollton, Landover and Cheverly will be taken to Morgan Boulevard station. Those at Deanwood will be taken to Capitol Heights, and those at Minnesota to Stadium Armory.

If you park at New Carrollton, consider using Greenbelt or Largo Town Center.

Bus alternatives

The Prince George’s County bus system will offer free shuttle buses from the Landover Metro station to Morgan Boulevard every 15 minutes during the weekday peak hours, from 6 to 10 a.m. and from 3 to 7 p.m.

In Virginia, the Fairfax Connector will offer shuttle bus service to provide relief for Silver Line riders affected by the surge. Express shuttle service will be available during weekday peak hours between the Reston South park-n-ride to Pentagon/Crystal City. Service will be eastbound only during the morning commute and westbound during the afternoon commute.

Several Metrobus lines serve the affected stations and can be used to connect to other open stations or to downtown Washington. The options at each of the stations:

New Carrollton: Take the G12 or G14 to Greenbelt (Green Line) or the F14 to Capitol Heights (Blue Line), Addison Road (Blue Line) or Naylor Road (Green Line).

Landover: The A12 will take you to the Addison Road and Capitol Heights stations. And the F12 will take you to New Carrollton and to Cheverly if those are your destinations.

Cheverly: The F1 and F2 will link you to the Green Line at West Hyattsville station, and to the Red Line at Takoma station. The F8 connects you to West Hyattsville and Prince George’s Plaza, also on the Green Line.

Deanwood: Take the W4 to Benning Road to connect to the Blue Line.

Minnesota Avenue: The X1, X2 and X9 buses will take to you downtown.

Remember, if you transfer from rail to bus, you get a 50-cent discount on the bus fare ($1.75). And if you ride the bus, you can make as many connections for free within two hours of the first ride.

Maryland commuter rail

Consider using the MARC Penn Line from New Carrollton to Union Station. The Maryland Transit Administration says it plans to add extra cars to trains to accommodate additional riders.


Capital Bikeshare will continue to offer a membership starting at $8 per day and a flat $2 fare for single trips under 30 minutes. However, Capital Bikeshare does not have bikes at four of the affected stations in Prince George’s; they are available at Minnesota Avenue.

Check out the Washington Area Bicyclist Association for information on bike options in SafeTrack surge zones.

Other resources

Consider taxis, Uber, Lyft and other rideshare options. We will update this post with any promotions from these providers.