Uber, which has hailed itself as a “first-mile, last-mile” option for Washington commuters, will soon display wait times for public transit — including Metro — in its app.

Starting this week, Uber is partnering with Transit, an app that displays a dashboard of wait times for nearby trains and buses, to display approximate waits for any public transit within a block of an Uber dropoff.

That means a rider approaching Metro Center could see when the next Orange Line train is arriving, or how far the P6 bus is, directly in the Uber app.

The move comes as Uber continues to bill itself as a complement to cities’ transportation networks, not a competitor with public transit. The feature is only available on Android for now, so iPhone users will have to wait.

“By making multi-modal transportation more seamless, we hope to encourage more riders to share their commute by using uberPOOL and utilizing [Metro’s] public transportation infrastructure,” the company said in a blog post Tuesday. (uberPOOL is the ride-hailing app’s cheaper ride-splitting feature.)

The Transit app displays wait times for Metro, the D.C. Circulator, MTA, Ride-On, Arlington Transit, Fairfax Connector, Virginia Railway Express, DASH, and Prince George’s County TheBus, among other options, according to its website.

Uber says the app integration comes free to both companies. Uber wait times are already displayed on Transit’s feeds, so in theory, someone could hail a ride using Transit and then return to the app after their trip is completed.

For now, Uber says, users will see public transit wait times only when their destination is close to a train or bus stop.

Washington joins about 50 U.S. cities integrating the Transit app into Uber, the ride-hailing firm said.

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