The western end of the Red Line will shut down for nine days starting June 17 for Metro’s last SafeTrack surge on a five-mile stretch between the Shady Grove and Twinbrook stations, the agency announced Thursday.

During that period, the Shady Grove and Rockville stations will be closed to train service. Instead, shuttle buses will carry riders from those stations to the Twinbrook station, where they will be able to board inbound Red Line trains. It’s the second time that Metro has targeted this stretch of tracks as part of the SafeTrack repair project: In August, the agency had 13 days of weekday single-tracking and weekend shutdowns as part of Surge No. 7.

Metro officials are suggesting that riders who usually arrive at the Shady Grove or Rockville stations instead opt to board at the Twinbrook, White Flint or Grosvenor-Strathmore stations.

“Elsewhere on the Red Line, trains will run at near-normal intervals,” Metro said in a statement.

Surge No. 16 — and the entire year-long SafeTrack program — is scheduled to end June 25. That is also the date when Metro’s new fare increases kick in, along with a slew of changes to bus services and a modified schedule that cuts rail service hours on nights and weekends.

And even as Metro officials ballyhooed the achievements of the year-long track maintenance program — workers have installed 50,000 new wooden crossties, they said in Thursday’s statement — they warned that riders are likely to see more disruptive track work in coming months even if it’s not formally branded as part of the SafeTrack program.

“Metro may need to schedule certain capital-improvement projects — such as interlocking replacements and platform reconstruction — that could affect a handful of stations in the year ahead,” Metro said. “Any such capital work will be scheduled only if necessary (i.e. if the work cannot be completed during weekend times or overnight), and planned during low-ridership times of the year.”