Frank Underwood is back on Metro.

The protagonist of the beloved Netflix political drama “House of Cards” made an appearance in D.C.’s transit system  Monday, a publicity stunt meant to drum up interest in advance of the May 30 premiere of the show’s fifth season.

(Full disclosure: This reporter has never seen an episode of “House of Cards,” but she hears that Metro plays some kind of role in a critical second-season plot point. Or something.)

Fake President Frank Underwood, played by real-life Kevin Spacey, was photographed at Foggy Bottom-GWU station by also-real-life former chief White House photographer Pete Souza.

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A push in the right direction.

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Zoe warned me not to get too close.

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Metro took a few of their own shots, too.

It’s not the first time that “House of Cards” has used Metro interiors for promotional purposes. Last year, fake presidential campaign ads debuted on Metro platforms and inside of train cars, hyping the show with a tongue-in-cheek nod to a major character’s untimely end.

At the time, the Post’s Fredrick Kunkle wrote that some riders found the advertisements a bit creepy:

Frank Underwood’s a pushy guy. So pushy, in fact, that the power-mad politician at the center of the Netflix series “House of Cards” does what most politicians can only dream of doing: He kills a pesky journalist by shoving her into the path of a Metro train.
So what better place to put an ad for a show about D.C.’s favorite blood sport than inside the subway of its top-ranked public transit system, right? On Metro platforms, right?
Ha, ha!

Of course, true House of Cards stans will point out that if Kevin Spacey & Co. wanted to be truly faithful to the series, they would have gone to Baltimore for their promotional ploy.