Thalia Denise Brown has been charged with attempted kidnapping of a boy on a Metrobus in Northeast Washington. (Courtesy of Metro Transit Police.)

Authorities said they have caught a 39-year-old woman who allegedly tried to kidnap a boy as he was headed to school on a Metrobus in Northeast Washington.

Thalia Denise Brown of Northwest Washington was arrested and charged Thursday with attempted kidnapping. The incident happened Aug. 30 on a Metrobus along the 92 route in Northeast Washington.

The 7-year-old boy was riding the bus with his 13-year-old sister, when Brown approached them, according to Metro Transit Police, and asked, “Where are your parents?”

When the boy said he was with his sister, Brown said: “When I get off this bus, you’re coming with me. We going to the feds,” according to the police.

The children told the woman to leave them alone. Passengers helped the siblings off the bus and escorted them onto another one, police said. Once arriving at school, police said, the children reported the incident to administrators.

On Thursday, Brown was stopped by authorities on an unrelated matter, according to transit police. She was then arrested on a warrant for the attempted kidnapping incident.

Detectives with the transit police department used digital video from the bus to help identify Brown.

She is expected to appear in court sometime Thursday.