Police say a 21-year-old was charged with fare evasion  Nov. 16 at the Minnesota Avenue station after he threw a gun onto the tracks. (WMATA)

Metro said illegal weapons were found on three riders stopped by officers for fare evasion last week, including a gun that had been stolen in South Carolina.

In one instance, police said, a man threw a gun over a wall at Gallery Place Metro station.

One of the incidents occurred just after 8 p.m. Wednesday when Metro Transit Police officers saw a group of people gambling near a W4 bus stop in the 4500 block of Benning Road in Southeast D.C. When the officers identified themselves, one of the men started to quickly walk away.

An officer asked the man to stop, but he started running.

Metro said officers took the man into custody after a brief struggle. While searching him, they found a Ruger .380 semiautomatic handgun with three rounds of ammunition in his jacket pocket. Authorities said they later determined that the gun had been stolen from South Carolina.

They arrested and charged Johnathan Kelly Jackson, 26, of no fixed address, with possession of a handgun, among other charges.

In another incident, on Wednesday, transit police officers stopped a man who was on a W4 bus at Anacostia Metro station for possible fare evasion, officials said. Police said they asked the man to step off the bus. He tried to flee but was quickly caught, they said.

Officers said the man had an unregistered handgun with nine 9mm rounds in the magazine. Police charged Rashad Tucker, 25, of Southeast Washington, with possession of a concealed handgun.

And in a third incident, on Saturday, police arrested and charged an 18-year-old Capitol Heights, Md., man after he tried to piggyback on another rider going through the fare gates at the Gallery Place station. The man police “conflicting information” about his name and date of birth, authorities said, and then he tried to run.

Officials said as the man was running, he threw a handgun over a wall to the station’s lower level. Police caught the man; they also found a fully-loaded Amadeo Rossi .38 special revolver with five rounds of ammunition.

Kevin Jacob was charged with fare evasion and carrying a pistol without a license, along with other charges.

The arrests come as Metro has said it is cracking down on fare evasion in an effort to — in part — help police find people with a record of committing serious crimes or outstanding warrants.

In another case, a man was arrested at the Minnesota Avenue station Nov. 16, as he tried to avoid paying his fare and a gun was found.