Metro Transit Police arrested a 50-year-old man Sunday after he allegedly hurled a bike-share bike onto the train tracks at the Minnesota Avenue station, causing significant damage to an oncoming train.

According to Metro, Demarcus Joseph Graves entered the station in Northeast Washington about 7 p.m. and approached the platform, where he found a bike owned by LimeBike, one of the District’s recently-launched dockless bike-share services. The bike had been left in the station by another Metro rider.

After use, the dockless bikes are supposed to be left in legal bike parking spaces, but many have been abandoned in inappropriate places.

“For unknown reasons,” Metro said, Graves picked up the bright green bike and heaved it onto the train tracks. The incident was caught on surveillance video, although Metro officials said they would not release the video because it’s part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

“The bike landed between the two rails and was struck by an arriving Orange Line train about 90 seconds later,” Metro said in a statement. “Passengers aboard the train were safely offloaded to the platform; there were no injuries.”

The undercarriage of the train, which was one of Metro’s new 7000-series cars, sustained “significant damage.” It took more than four hours of single-tracking Sunday night for the train and bike to be removed from the tracks.

Later Sunday, police located Graves about a quarter-mile from the station, using surveillance footage to identify him. He was arrested on charges of felony malicious destruction of property, impeding Metro operations and fare evasion. He also was charged with malicious burning; Metro said he “picked up a paper food box and lit it on fire on the platform.” In addition, had an existing warrant for his arrest from D.C. Superior Court.

Graves is expected to appear in court Monday.