The popular ride-hailing program Uber charged a man $18,000 for an 11-mile ride.

The incident happened in Toronto. Uber said it has refunded money to the rider, who goes by votethehish on a private Instagram account.

“There was an error and we have provided a full refund. We sincerely apologize to this rider for his experience,” an Uber spokeswoman wrote in an email. “We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening and we are working to understand how this occurred.”

In the Toronto market, Uber works with taxis and the fares for its rides are tied to meters. It is possible, Uber officials said, that the fare amount for the ride — about $14,000 in U.S. dollars — was incorrectly put into the meter.

Ride-share pricing is based on several factors, including a flat fee that’s charged at the start of the trip, as well as cost per minute and distance traveled. There also can be surge pricing, depending on the demand at the time of the ride.

A Sterling, Va., woman was charged $640.94 last year for an Uber ride from her home to Reagan National Airport. Typically, that ride would be about $50 to $70.