Seconds after the Amtrak train wrecked south of Seattle, an Amtrak crew member called dispatchers. Here is a transcript of that call:

Crew member: “Amtrak 501, emergency, emergency, emergency. We’re on the ground. We are on the bridge on the freeway. We need EMS ASAP. It looks like they’re already starting to show up.”
Dispatcher: “501, come in.”
Crew member: ‘Amtrak 501, answering Centralia North, over”

Dispatcher: “Copy that. Hey guys, what happened?”

Crew member “We were coming around the corner to take the bridge over I-5 there, right north in Nisqually and we went on the ground.”

This dispatcher asked, “Is everybody ok?”

The crew member replied, “I’m still figuring that out. We got cars everywhere and down onto the highway. As soon as I know exactly where all my train is, I’ll let you know.”