Stunning video footage captured the aftermath of snow and ice-related pileup involving about 100 vehicles in southwestern Missouri on Sunday afternoon.

Wintry conditions contributed to the massive crash on Interstate 44 near Springfield, that left one person dead and shut down a major highway, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and local news reports.

At least 11 people were injured in the I-44 pileup, police said.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that troopers near the incident responded to more than 300 roadway incidents that left about 50 people injured Sunday.

Images from the air show multiple tractor-trailers piled up on a snow blanketed roadway. Some of the vehicles are overturned and emergency personnel can be seen at the scene.

Authorities said crews worked all night to remove the vehicles and clean up the roadway. The Missouri Department of Transportation said the road reopened early Monday.

Investigators counted three crashes in total as part of the massive pile-up. The first involved 20 vehicles, Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jason Pace said.  More than a dozen tractor-trailers were involved and it’s still unclear how many vehicles sustained damages, Pace said.

The vehicular carnage became more shocking Monday through the drone video, posted on the Facebook page of the Conway Volunteer Fire Department. The video quickly went viral, with more than 1 million views by early Monday afternoon.

State transportation officials had warned about possible hazardous road conditions, with a wave of cold temperatures and wintry weather bearing down on the region. Conditions remained treacherous Monday.

“Most roads are clearing up, but there is still coverage in some areas,” the Missouri Department of Transportation tweeted Monday. “Use extra caution when driving.”