This story has been updated. 

A Southwest Airlines plane slid on a taxiway Wednesday morning at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. No injuries were reported, but skid marks could be seen on the pavement.

The incident happened shortly after 10 a.m. as the aircraft was on the taxiway getting ready to take off, according to BWI spokesman Jonathan Dean. He said the plane “turned and stopped near the taxiway pavement edge.”

Airport buses transported passengers back to the airport terminal. The flight was headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and about 150 people were on board.

Dean said it is not known what caused the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.


A mix of precipitation had fallen in the region and temperatures were hoovering in the 30-degree range. Schools in the Baltimore area were delayed or closed in some cases due to icy road and sidewalk conditions.

But Dean said 75 flights had departed off the same taxiway that the plane was headed to for departure. He said the airfield pavement temperatures at the time of the incident were “above freezing.”

Dean also said the “pavement surface condition was tested immediately following the incident.” The result, he said, was “the pavement condition tested within FAA standards.”