Update: March 5

Maersk said in a statement Monday that the ship, the Maersk Shanghai, lost between 70 and 73 containers, some of which collapsed and others that fell overboard.

The ship was en route to Charleston, S. C., the company said, and was anchored in Charleston following the incident.

“All crew members on board are safe and accounted for,” Maersk said. “No effect on environment has been reported at this time.”

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The U.S. Coast Guard is warning mariners of hazardous conditions off the North Carolina coast after a cargo ship lost 70 containers amid high winds and heavy seas over the weekend.

In a statement Sunday, authorities warned of “navigation hazards” roughly 17 miles off Oregon Inlet on North Carolina’s outer banks.

A nor’easter stretching from Maine to North Carolina pummeled the East Coast with violent winds, rain and flooding — with gusts approaching hurricane-force levels in some parts of the Atlantic over the weekend.

A cargo ship, the Maersk Shanghai, radioed authorities in North Carolina on Saturday night to let them know that 70 to 73 shipping containers had been lost amid the storm.

“The Coast Guard urges all mariners to transit this area with caution,” the Coast Guard said.