Loaded handguns — even the “cute” colorful ones, still don’t belong in your carry-on, as a Virginia woman learned Monday.

The unidentified woman, carrying a hot-pink gun loaded with eight pink-tipped bullets, was arrested at Richmond International Airport. She was intercepted by airport security when she tried to bring the loaded semi-automatic onto a New York-bound plane, the Transportation Security Administration said. Authorities said the Hopewell, Va. woman had 9 mm inside a carry-on bag; one bullet was in the chamber.

“Hey lady, your hot pink gun may be colorful, but it’s still not allowed past the @TSA checkpoint!” TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein tweeted Tuesday.

The gun was detected at a checkpoint X-ray machine and TSA officials summoned airport police.  Police confiscated the gun and arrested the woman on weapons charges, TSA said.

This marked at least the fourth time this year that a weapon was confiscated at a checkpoint at the Richmond airport. In the Washington area, three guns have been found at Reagan National Airport, four at Dulles International and seven at Baltimore-Washington International.

Firearms and ammunition are not allowed in carry-on bags. They can be carried in checked baggage if they are unloaded and packed in a locked container. (See above TSA video with tips) Passengers are required to declare the weapon with the airline at the ticket counter when the bag is checked.

In addition to criminal charges, passengers caught with weapons at TSA checkpoints are subject to civil penalties of up to $13,000.