Run, Bambi, run!

A deer wandered into the Crystal City Metro station Tuesday morning, jumped onto the tracks and amazingly managed to make it out without hitting the electrified third rail — or a train.

No riders were hurt, either, although those who were close to it on the platform were surprised.

The incident happened about 8:30 a.m. and was captured on Metro surveillance video.

In the video, the deer is seen dashing down the station platform. A man looking at his phone barely looks up as the deer bounds down the tracks and then back onto the platform. At one point, it tried to climb up a partial wall of the platform, then turned back and ran in front of a train.

The deer then jumped across the platform, and the man finally looks up from his device — and steps back. At the end of the video, a woman can be seen putting on makeup as the deer dashes down the platform in front of her and then out of sight.

The deer was not struck by a train. It managed to get out of the station safely on its own through a tunnel and back toward Reagan National Airport, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

Stessel said it appears the deer got into the tunnel between National Airport and Crystal City and likely came from a wooded area between the stations. Stessel said trains were slowed down while the deer was in the tunnel and station.

While it isn’t uncommon for animals to be on Metro tracks, it typically happens at the outdoor stations in the suburbs. And, sadly, it often doesn’t end well for the animal. Stessel said it is “very rare” to see an animal in a tunnel and station.

There wasn’t much Metro could do to prevent the deer from getting in, he said. The tunnel portal is open, and deer can jump in, even though there is fencing at the Metro entrances at Crystal City.

There were plenty of comments on social media.

Steve Silver wrote, “Sheesh, everyone’s fawning over the Capitals these days.” Adam Rubinfield wrote, “Did it pay the 2 buck fare?”