Usually the Twitter messages from the commuter rail service for the MARC system involve train delays, power outages or a ticket machine that’s not working.

Rarely do they involve wildlife — save for the occasional Bambi on the tracks.

But Wednesday, during the evening rush hour, passengers got this alert from MARC, warning them to “please use extreme caution.”

The headline of the Twitter message didn’t fully explain the danger at first, but a full alert message spelled it out later. In the underground tunnel at the Bowie station, “there is a confirmed report of a snake near the stairs on the northbound platform side,” read an alert email from the MTA Maryland Twitter account, which runs and manages the MARC system. The MARC trains run roughly between the Baltimore area and Washington.

For snake fans, no big deal, given that the snake probably made its way in through a nearby underground tunnel. But it surprised many passengers.

The snake was removed by MARC maintenance crews. There was no picture of the snake immediately available.

Some people commented on Twitter.

One person, @mvpielli wrote, “I’m sorry, did you say snake?”

Another person commented, deer yesterday, snakes today. “What’s tomorrow?

And Del. Paul Espinosa, a lawmaker in the West Virginia House of Delegates, put it simply with an emoji.