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Beginning July 1, cyclists will be allowed to cross the river via the bridge in northeast Maryland, sharing the right lane with vehicles. The bridge has no shoulders.

The National Park Service is considering an expansion of its snow-clearing effort to include more hiker/biker trails.

The May 22 event will benefit the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and DC's Vision Zero safety program.

It could be several days before all protected bike lanes are clear of snow. If you ride, be prepared to ride in the street and share the road.

The hope is that by staying closed, staff members can focus on digging out docking stations that have been buried in snow.

The Fairfax County board approved a $1.7 million plan to purchase 212 bicycles and 26 docking stations to install across the two growing communities.

Several of the big proposed increases relate to drivers interacting with pedestrians and bicyclists.

The camera's are part of the city's "Vision Zero" plan for ending traffic fatalities.

The city is also considering heftier penalties for drunk and distracted drivers in a set of proposals that aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the District.

New bike storage rooms will be free-of-charge and accessible with a registered SmarTrip card.

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