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Metro said hundreds of older rail cars operating within the system contain asbestos, but the material does not pose a threat to passengers and those cars are soon to be replaced. The transit agency has issued a contract proposal seeking a company to remove asbestos from 280 cars in its fleet. Metro’s 1000-series cars, which date back to the […]

Drivers on Interstate 395 in the District will begin to see some lane shifts this week as work advances on the Third Street Tunnel project.

Most are living in suburbs and more affordable city neighborhoods, often with roommates or family, new study finds.

Alexandria is offering several opportunities in the next month where residents can learn more about the proposed Metro station. A public hearing is scheduled for late April.

Kensington residents had fought gas station plan, arguing that noxious fumes from vehicle exhaust would reach nearby homes, swimming pool and a school.

Construction related to the $1.5 billion Capitol Crossing project will impact traffic on I-395 in the District.

Construction activity for the Capitol Crossing project will start this month with some overnight lane closures and more significant work will begin in August.

Potential closure of the highway labeled by some “the worst idea in the history of ever,” “a uniquely terrible idea” and “sheer insanity.”

The agency plans a public hearing to lay out its plans for redeveloping the Greenbelt Metro station should the FBI relocate there.

A container apartment went up in three days this week in Washington.

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