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A private operator would have the option of collecting higher tolls from tractor-trailers.

Virginia transportation officials have approved 10 programs to ease traffic inside the Beltway.

Meanwhile, Virginia's top transportation panel is scheduled to decide what travel enhancements to support with toll revenue.

The bridge project requires a traffic detour near Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park.

Watch for lane closings overnight and at midday.

The first Monday morning after the start of SafeTrack Surge 3 turned out to be ... less-than-optimal.

The program will have a big impact on local and long-distance travel, but parts of it are still evolving.

The grant is a key part of $1.4 billion public-private program of rail and highway projects.

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Interstate Highway System.

The governor said he hopes to hear "in the next few days" about a key part of funding for the Atlantic Gateway program.

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