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The route will run through 15 different neighborhoods of the city, with a variety of activities set up along the way.

A bus stop in the county took top (dis)honors in a nationwide contest.

It's a lonely bus stop on the edge of the six-lane Route 29 in a hilly block with no sidewalk or crosswalk nearby.

Federal workers in the Washington area may soon be able to use transit benefits to pay for ride-hailing apps and Capital Bikeshare for the duration of SafeTrack.

A man in a wheelchair was killed while crossing East Gude Drive, Montgomery County police say.

Several of the big proposed increases relate to drivers interacting with pedestrians and bicyclists.

The camera's are part of the city's "Vision Zero" plan for ending traffic fatalities.

The city is also considering heftier penalties for drunk and distracted drivers in a set of proposals that aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the District.

Motorists are less likely to stop for African American pedestrians in a crosswalk, according to a recent study that suggests subtle biases just outside people’s conscious awareness make them less likely to yield to minority pedestrians.

The 72-year-old woman was walking to a Silver Line station.

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