The Washington Post

The storm blasting the Northeast with snow and blustery winds is wreaking havoc on air travel, canceling thousands of flights Thursday.

Passengers said the landing was prompted by severe turbulence over the Atlantic.

Critics say any service reductions would discourage D.C. area residents from traveling through BWI, now the busiest airport in the region.

Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

Travelers will be able to rebook their flights without fees. Some limited operations may resume on Friday.

Several major airlines are offering refunds for travelers headed to areas with reports of the mosquito-related Zika virus.

Rogue drones are no match for birds of prey, they say.

Passengers were told to contact their airlines to re-book any flights, if necessary.

The workers-- who are rallying for a higher minimum wage, benefits and job protections-- plan actions in Washington, Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.

The FAA said the airport's runways are closed due to weather.

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