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The D.C. Council on Wednesday rejected a plan to impose higher penalties for violent crimes committed on public transit. The measure would give a judge the ability to raise fines and jail time for offenders who target bus operators, Metro station managers and passengers aboard Metro and other modes of transit. But the measure, which also would have […]

You'll have a few more transit options than Monday, but if you travel by transit on Tuesday make sure if you have a good commuting plan because bus and rail operations in the region are not yet normal.

Ron Kirby, director of transportation planning for Council of Governments, joins Dr. Gridlock at noon for an online discussion of regional priorities.

Train and bus service will resume on a reduced schedule, but MetroAccess won't operate till Wednesday.

It's quiet because many people stayed home, but for some who venture out, there will be problems.

Here are some of the key events that will affect travel in the D.C. area.