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Drivers on Interstate 395 in the District will begin to see some lane shifts this week as work advances on the Third Street Tunnel project.

Construction related to the $1.5 billion Capitol Crossing project will impact traffic on I-395 in the District.

Construction activity for the Capitol Crossing project will start this month with some overnight lane closures and more significant work will begin in August.

At the request of DDOT, the Federal Highway Administration has been reviewing the request to close nearly a mile of the freeway.

Norton said the proposal shouldn't be considered without first consulting members of Congress whose constituents would be impacted.

A vehicle fire has closed part of Duke Street in Alexandria.

Accident closes one HOV lane in Springfield.

No details were immediately available about the cause of the crash or possible injuries.

  • Maggie Fazeli Fard
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  • Oct 8, 2013
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A tour bus caught fire in D.C., shutting down part of I-395 as the evening commute got underway.

Two accidents on Interstate 395 North are causing significant delays this morning.

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  • Dec 19, 2012
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