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The arcing insulators have been removed, Metro officials said.

Shuttle buses are en route, Metro said.

Two trains offloaded at Farragut North within minutes of each other during the height of the rush hour. Trains single-tracked. There were delays in both directions. A platform got so crowded that Metro didn't allow any more riders inside the station for at least 20 minutes.

There was a switch problem at the Silver Spring stop.

Signal problems on Metro's Red line. Delays for riders.

Delays on Metro's Red Line. Track work along busy line.

Metro's busy Red Line delayed due to signal problems. It is the third rail line of the day to have an early morning problem.

Smoky brakes lead to Metro train problems. No major delays expected.

Metro's Red Line has delays.

Metro Red Line riders face morning delays. For second day in a row, busy line has troubles.

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