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Local jurisdictions say it will be a slow process and bus stops or sidewalks-- unlike roads-- aren't a priority.

After each bout with the storm, the bike team moved in.

Road crews are hoping to take advantage of the midday warmth to complete work.

Highway conditions are improving, but local streets and sidewalks remain snow-covered.

As snow and wind intensify and temperature drops, safety can vary from block to block and lane to lane.

Government decision makers, highway departments became more aggressive in telling commuters to stay home.

A counterclockwise trip around the Capital Beltway took Dr. Gridlock through many of the road conditions that this snowy day has in store for drivers.

Metro trains were running as normal Wednesday morning and the agency said it had no reports of cracked rails or other problems.

If you are planning to do your regular commute, the conditions you start out in won't match the conditions when you try to return home.

With a snowstorm approaching Washington, hundreds of flights scheduled to travel through the region's three airports on Wednesday have already been canceled.

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